Laser Hair Removal Before and After
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Laser Hair Removal St. Louis

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Laser Hair Removal St. Louis: An inside look at the BEST place for treatments and why. Plus a sneak peek at what just ONE visit did!

This post has been sponsored by Milan Laser Hair Removal, where I have also received services in exchange for this post. HOWEVER, all thoughts and opinions are my own… as always.

Friends, I have been anxiously waiting to tell you about a new, life-changing service that I have started and have fallen in LOVE with. 

Laser hair removal.

I know that some of you have considered laser hair removal or some of you WILL consider laser hair removal after reading this. Here’s an inside look at my first visit and why you’ll want to hear all about it!

Plus, keep reading to find out how you (yes, YOU!) can get 60% off of your own laser hair removal services, just for being a Fantabulosity reader!

For years I have thought about and have wanted to try laser hair removal.

I even went for a consultation years ago and decided to move forward with it, but the business closed shortly after and I was never able to take advantage of it.

Laser Hair Removal in St. Louis

Well if you’ve been around here for a while, you may know that I live in Missouri and close to the St. Louis area. I tend to find myself going to St. Louis for my hair appointments, shopping at the mall, and having a date night with my husband.

So when it came time to consider a company that specializes in laser hair removal, St. Louis was a no-brainer.

Milan Laser Hair Removal

Let me introduce you to my new friend… Milan Laser Hair Removal. I’m dead serious when I say “friend”. I have fallen in love with their team, their services and most importantly… their values.

Milan Laser Hair Removal has (at the time of this post) over 70 locations in the United States. So even if you’re not in the St. Louis area, odds are you may have one near you (or worth the trip) and they’re STILL growing and expanding into new markets.

Why do I love them so much already?

Because from the moment I talked to Stacey, at the Town and Country location here in Missouri, I felt so welcome and heard.

I told Stacey about my areas of interest, and she communicated with me in such a way that I was counting down the days until my consultation and first appointment.

Fast forward to the day of my first visit and I was greeted with the friendliest staff.

I was the only one in the foyer/lobby at the time (which I later found out that they try to do this on purpose… how cool is that?) and I immediately felt like I was home.

No nervousness and no awkward feelings like I didn’t belong. I felt like family.

First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I mentioned earlier that I spoke with Stacey on the phone about my areas of interest for laser hair removal when setting up my first appointment.

Those areas of interest were the following:

  • legs (half or full)
  • Brazillian
  • Bikini
  • Armpits

They do offer more body areas, but those were the top picks for me on the day of my visit, I told the staff that I had decided to get the Brazillian treatment and let me tell you… if anyone would be anxious about getting laser hair removal, let alone a BRAZILLIAN… it would have been me.

But I never once felt awkward, scared, or out of place with Milan.

What to Expect at Milan Laser Hair Removal on Your First Visit

Upon walking in the door, Milan was CLEAN, bright and super welcoming.

Stacey took me on a tour of the clinic, explained the process and welcomed me into the consultation room where we chatted about how laser hair removal works, why it works, Milan’s background and payment options.

After the consultation, it was time for my first treatment!

Before and After Photos of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I could show you the before and after of my first treatment of the Brazillian, but let’s get real… anyone and everyone can come visit me here on Fantabulosity and showing that area off to anyone and everyone really isn’t my cup of tea. (But, future Fab Society members… I’ll be discussing more and even showing you more, because well, you’re my gals.)

HOWEVER, Stacey is a genius and she asked if I’d be willing to do a treatment on one armpit so I could see just how well it works for those, even after one visit.

I’m so glad she did this because now I can show you a before and after of my armpits.

Now, do know that Stacey said the armpits tend to show bigger results after the first treatment, more so than the Brazillian does.

So what are you looking at below?

I had my treatment on January 7, 2020. I did not shave either armpit until after I took these photos on January 24th, 2020. (Yes, my husband kept asking me when I was going to shave it, but I had to keep watching it because it amazed me with how much different it was than the other, haha!)

Honestly, in the armpit with less hair… was what my armpit used to look like a day or two after shaving, not 17 days after shaving.

What about the Brazillian area?

Well I can tell you that I do already notice a difference down there. It’s a little spotty, (some areas not growing back as much/as fast) and the hair that has regrown is MUCH softer. I can’t wait for the next treatment, so I can see how much more of a difference it has.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

I’ll admit… I was totally afraid that it was going to hurt like crazy, but I told myself,

“Jessica, you’ve had two babies… one being without an epidural. You can do this.”

But you know what? My first treatment wasn’t bad at ALL! And it didn’t last long enough to even complain about it!

What does it feel like?

The Milan staff told me before we started that it would feel like the snap of a rubber band. I agree with that, and I’d even go to say that it feels like a “small” rubber band snap.

But you know what else? Before we started, I thought it would feel like a rubber band snap on each little hair follicle at a time. This is probably why I thought it would take so much longer than it did, and I thought I’d be pretty tired of that feeling after getting each individual pore treated down there. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS!

The tool that they use covers an area about the size of a quarter, so it gets multiple hair follicles at one time! I was so excited about this, and it made such a difference.

How Often and How Many Treatments are Needed?

They told me at Milan to expect 7-10 treatments, and that each treatment would be about 5 weeks apart.

After the initial visit with the consultation, the appointments don’t take very long at all!

As a matter of fact, if I know I’m going to be in the St. Louis area, I could easily call and see if they have an opening for a treatment, and I could pop-in and go about my day, running my other errands.

It’s definitely not something that you have to plan your whole day around, and you could feel free to run errands before/after, or like me… do some shopping since there’s a HomeGoods and Target right next door to my location! Hallelujah!

Lifetime Guarantee + Unlimited Package

So if you’ve heard or have been to other laser hair removal companies, you may be familiar with the “packages” that some offer. For instance, you buy per session or say, buy a package of three treatments at a time.

Well, not with Milan.

With Milan, you pay one price for the body area that you want, and it’s an unlimited, lifetime guarantee on that body area.

So say a few years from now, your body goes through some changes (hormones, etc.) and you notice one little hair grow back where you had a treatment.

You can call Milan, let them know and they’ll be glad to bring you back in, (at any location) at NO additional charge, and treat the area again! (Opposed to other companies where you may pay for 3 treatments in one area, and have to pay AGAIN and again to be treated.)

60% OFF for YOU! Yes… YOU!!!

Friends, I don’t know HOW this is possible, and I honestly didn’t expect this kind of discount for you when I first started talking to them, but you may want to take advantage NOW in case they change their mind! Haha!

Milan has offered to give you 60% off of your laser hair removal service, for any body area of your choice…. at any Milan Laser Hair Removal location. So when you call to schedule your consultation, just make sure to give them the code: FANTABULOSITY60 so they know to put it in the system for you!

Stop Putting Yourself on the Backburner. I did, and it Feels Amazing Already.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been THIS excited to share something with you. You know when I believe in, or fall in love with something, I don’t want to keep it from you. Well, Milan is no exception, and I can’t WAIT for you to do laser hair removal along with me. With 60% off, I’m hoping it either gives you the push to finally do this for yourself if you’ve been kicking it around, or I hope it’s something new that you’ve found that you can do for YOURSELF.

I know what it’s like to put yourself on the backburner, saving the time and money for your kids and husband.

But I can’t tell you how refreshed and GOOD I felt even after my first treatment. It wasn’t just because of the thought that I’ll never have to shave again… but because I finally did something for myself again. I want this for you too.

2 thoughts on “Laser Hair Removal St. Louis

  1. Megan says:

    So informative! I’ve been scared to try it too, but you definitely piqued my curiosity! Wish there was a Milan salon in Mississippi, that 60% off deal is a steal!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good! I had my 2nd treatment today and it was super quick and not painful at all again! Well they’re growing and expanding like crazy, so Mississippi may be on their radar! 😉 Or heck, give them a call anyway and see if they recommend somewhere near you! Milan knows what they’re doing for sure, so it would be awesome if they had any advice for someone near you!

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