30th birthday gift ideas for him
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30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

30th Birthday Ideas for Him: A list of birthday gift ideas from men who were asked what they would like to receive for their 30th birthday!

30th birthday ideas for him and gift ideas to make your gift giving easier! fantabulosity

3oth Birthday Ideas for Him

Just a couple of years ago, I was right where you are…

What do I get my husband for his birthday!?

Before marriage it was,

What do I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

I totally get it. They can be SO hard to shop for, no matter what your relationship with them is. It could be a good friend, or even a brother or family member!

Well, I wanted to put an end to all of the guessing games, so I polled a TON of men around the age of 30, to get to the bottom of it, and find out exactly what men really wanted for their 30th birthday. (Give/Take a few years if need be.)

30th birthday gift ideas for him

One of my favorite gift ideas for him is this “I think you’re Red Hot!” gift “basket.” See how I made it for my hubby here for Valentine’s Day, but could be for a birthday or a “just because” gift:

“You’re RED Hot!”

Gift Idea for Him- I think you're red Hot Gift Basket Ideas

For the Sports & Outdoorsman:

• Golf equipment (Shop Golf equipment here.)
• Overnight trip to play at his favorite golf course with buddies. (Plan a trip with Expedia here.)
• Sporting event tickets (Baseball, Football, Hockey)
• Fishing gear (Shop fishing gear here.)
• Guns (Shop guns here.)
• Hunting equipment (Shop hunting equipment here.)
• CCW Class
• Grill (Shop grills here.)
• Man-cave — Get him out of town, buy a tv or two and fix up a space just for him. When he comes back, surprise him with his friends already hanging out inside.

For the Handyman:

• Tools (Air tools)
• Large tool chest (Shop a popular tool chest here.)
• Tool box for truck
• Paint Sprayer (Shop paint sprayers here.)
• LED Flashlight (Shop LED flashlights here.)

For the Musician:

• Guitar (Shop all kinds of guitars here.)
• Drums (Shop drums here.)
• Tickets to a concert
• Keyboard/Piano (Shop piano keyboards here.)

For the Professional:

• Cigars
• Necktie (Shop neckties here.)
• Cologne (Shop cologne favorites here.)
• New pair of shoes (Shop all styles of shoes here.)
• Bottle of bourbon with nice glasses (Shop decanters, carafes & glass sets here.)

For the Adventurer:

• “Escape the Box” – Check your area to see if this is offered. He can take some friends, get locked in a room with a one hour timer, and have to find all the clues to get out before the hour’s up.
• “Drive a Tank” – A place where he can drive a tank, and plow over cars, houses, and operate machine guns.  For more info, click here!
• A Mexico vacation – See how I surprised my husband for this 30th birthday here, with all of the little surprises along the way!

Surprise 30th Birthday https://fantabulosity.com

For Any Man:

• Favorite Cake (Cheesecake, Ice Cream Cake, or favorite flavor)
• Money to spend on himself
• Full body massage (Extra special from wife or girlfriend, but spa is nice too!)  If it will be from you, make sure you read up on the post I wrote, “5 Ways to Prepare for a Romantic Weekend away with your Husband.” You may just find a few tips for yourself in there!

I so hope you found a few gift ideas for the man in your life! It was so nice hearing from men, what they’d actually want for a gift for their birthday. I was completely shocked at how many actually spilled the beans. But that’s good news for us! Woot!

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30th birthday gift ideas for him! Gift shopping for a husband or boyfriend just got so much easier!

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2 thoughts on “30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Andrea says:

    This is AMAZINGGGG!!
    My boyfriend’s 30th bday is at the end of the month and the t-shirt is perfect . where did you order it from?! Helpppp
    Btw. You Rock

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi Andrea! You know, I just had the shirt company who made it, order it for me! If you get it made at a local shop, they may be able to get a baseball tee for you!

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