Importance of Time Management
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Importance of Time Management

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Importance of Time Management: Whether in your personal life, home, or in the workplace, this is why time management is so important!

Importance of Time Management

I have a lot of faults, but I will say that time management and organization come very naturally for me, and I swear I get it from my mom. That woman is an amazing individual and I grew up learning from the best.

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I honestly didn’t realize I had time management skills until I became an adult and began working with others and becoming more aware of deadlines.

But please don’t think I’m bragging or perfect with time management. I promise I struggle in many other areas to justify my time management skills and I do slip up occasionally with mismanaging my time. It’s just that time management is one of my strengths.

And since I’ve come to realize over the years just how important time management can be, in MANY different areas in life, I want to share what I know, so it can help YOU!

11 Reasons Why Time Management is So Important

Why is it important? Here are some of my favorite reasons why:

1. Take Control of Your Time and Not Let it Take Control of YOU.

When time management is incorporated into your life, you can take control of your time, and not let it take control of you.

Do you ever feel scattered? Feeling scattered can be what you feel when there are many things going on, and you’re letting them “come at you” freely, without routine or without complete awareness.

Being in control of your time, scheduling, planning and being more aware of what’s coming and/or happening, can really reduce the amount of anxiety and stress that you may feel. Which leads me to my next perk of managing your time.

2. It can Lower Stress

Life can be stressful! I don’t care if you’re someone who has a lot going on, or doesn’t have a lot going on… life can still be stressful. But when you DO have a lot going on, causing you to live a busy schedule, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Busy Schedule + No Time Management = STRESS

So if even a little time management can be put in to place, it can lower stress… and that’s what we all want, right?

3. Procrastination is the Enemy

Rather than managing your time wisely, procrastinating can cause a ton of chaos and anxiety later.

Procrastinating does feel good in the moment, but eventually, things will catch up and everything will be due at once with little time to devote to it.

4. To Be Effective in Everyday Life

Can we get through life without time management? Of course.

But having time management skills can help us be EFFECTIVE in everyday life. Effective with things like tackling items on our to-do lists, managing our homes so things don’t pile up, at the workplace and meeting deadlines, etc.

5. To be Considerate of Others

When thinking of all the reasons of the importance of time management, being considerate of others is at the top of my own list. Meetings, coffee dates with friends, respecting our spouse, and so many other people in our lives!

Others have lives too, so when we’re 30 minutes late to the meeting, solely because of the lack of our own poor time management, it’s disrespectful and can give the impression that we think what we have going on is more important than what they have going on in life.

I don’t know about you, but I never want anyone I care about to feel like I don’t care enough about what they have going on, and that their life should revolve around mine.

6. Can Make More Time for What Matters

I’ve talked about “love languages” quite a bit around here, and mostly when it comes to the subject of marriage.

If your spouse absolutely loves when you make time for them, having time management skills, to where it helps you make time for your spouse… can CHANGE your marriage. (In a good way!)

When my husband was working a ton of hours each day, running here and running there, I felt like I would end up on the back burner quite a bit because he’d often let work and life control his days.

But with a little time management under his belt, using the self-management checklist (that’s a freebie in my printable library, exclusive to Fantabulosity Family) each day, he began to regain control of his time and make more time for me and our kiddos!

7. Financially Beneficial

Time management skills can actually benefit us financially too! If we don’t manage our time with bill paying, we can be late paying bills, that can generate and accrue interest, late fees, etc. So managing your time can actually SAVE money!

8. Freedom for What We DO Want

Quite possibly my favorite reason to discuss the importance of time management, is because it can give us the freedom of time to do things for ourselves and others.

When our time is managed, it can free up minutes or even hours in our days/weeks to focus on things that we’ve been putting off for so long.

Perhaps it’s joining a class we’ve been wanting to join, or taking Friday’s off because we were efficient with our time Monday through Thursday.

If “freedom” is an important value of yours, time management just may be the key to your success with that!

9. Get More Done + Make Things Easier

Get more done, and get it done easier? You bet! When your time is managed and controlled, you can get a lot more done and not necessarily work as hard, completing things!

For instance, if a project is planned out or scheduled, you go in knowing that you are there to work on that project and only that project which can keep you from thinking about all of the other things you need to get done.

Focusing on one thing to do at a time, can mean you’ll complete it faster, efficiently and it makes it MUCH easier to complete when your brain isn’t trying to play tug of war with all of the other things you have to get done too.

10. Clear Thinking

When we feel less scattered because our time is managed more, we have less brain fog, more clarity and the “rushed” feeling tends to subside! It goes back again to having control of your time, rather than letting your time have control of YOU!

11. Workplace Perks

When it comes to the workplace, using time management skills can speak volumes to co-workers, leaders, etc.

Managing your time can be viewed as a great characteristic and can encourage promotions, pay raises and advancements in your career!

How to Manage Time?

So HOW can we manage our time? Well, that post is soon to come. I’ll be sharing my favorite tips and tricks to manage our time, with realistic strategies and techniques to implement into our daily lives!

But here’s a quick note to leave you with.

If you do something for 21 days, it could create a habit. (Unless it’s a BIG change or habit that you’re trying to break/start.)
However, it can take as little as 21 days to make a change.

So start small! What small thing can you implement in to your daily life NOW to try and incorporate more time management skills in to your life?

Remember, baby steps can be the key to success. No step is too small, as long as it’s in the right direction.

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importance of time management

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