Gift ideas for toddler boys
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Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

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Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys: Whether you’re looking for birthdays, Christmas, or just a special present for a little boy, these are our favorite ideas!

With little boys in my immediate family, church family and group of friends… it’s so nice to have a big list of gift ideas for when we get a birthday party invitation or it’s time to buy for Christmas!

Gifts for Toddler Boys

So after asking all of you super smart Facebook fans and shopping around online, I’ve compiled this list of AMAZING gift ideas for little guys.

I’m always updating this list and adding new favorites, so make sure to bookmark this page or pin it, in case you need to refer to it for the little boys in your life!

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  • Cars, Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Dump Trucks – I’m not sure I know a little boy who doesn’t love playing with these types of toys!
  • Pretend Shaving Kit – Just like “dad” he’ll be able to shave his little face too!
  • Train Table – Oh the hours of fun a train table provided for my littles! It’s an investment that paid for itself over and over.
  • Washable Markers and Crayons – “Washable” is the keyword there!
  • Power Car – He feels so big, being able to drive his own car around the house!
  • Balls – I love this little variety set of balls, so he can play whatever sport he feels like!
  • Scentos Play Dough – This is a HOT item that I wish my boys would have had when they were little!
  • Keyboard – Not only does this piano let the little one play his favorite music, but it teaches fine motor skills, comes with animal sounds, drum sounds, a record function, and parents… a volume control button! YES please!
  • Dinosaurs – Dinosaurs are a little boy staple and the love continues on through childhood!
  • Magnets – Count on hours of playtime with magnets like these, while they build their favorite creations!
  • Playskool Action Figure Heros – He gets to feel so big by having his own superheroes, but they’re made for little hands!
  • Army Men and GI Joes – OLDER TODDLERS ONLY (3 years and older) – The childhood staple! Every little boy needs these!
  • Lego Duplo – If you start him on Lego’s young, odds are he’ll still love Lego’s all throughout his childhood. (Or at least that was the story in our house!)
  • Lego Junior Sets – OLDER TODDLERS ONLY (3 years and older) – When he gets a little older in his toddler years, he’ll love moving up from Duplo to the “junior” sets!
  • Camping Play Set – Not too hip on going out in to the wilderness to camp? Me either! That’s why I love being able to give this camping set so he can camp out in the living room!
  • LCD Writing Board – This toy is used on a daily basis in our house, and is by far one of my favorite gifts to give now!
  • Character Shirts – Little boys LOVE having their favorite tv show characters on their shirts!
  • Backpack – My little guy LOVED having his own backpack like his big brother. He couldn’t wait to pack it when it was time to go somewhere for the day!
  • LeapFrog RockIt – This has AMAZING reviews and gives the little guy an opportunity to play on his own gaming device like his siblings/friends!
  • A trip to Chuckie Cheese, Six Flags, the zoo, bounce house, movies or somewhere he LOVES to visit!
  • Savings Account – Start him off right with a savings account that can sit there while he grows up and learn the importance of setting money back for later!

Did I Miss Something?

I’m sure there are SO many other items out there that a toddler boy would love, and I want to hear about it! Drop a note in the comments and let me know what it is so I can add it to this one to help others out!

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Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys that they'll actually love!

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