Valentine's Day Chalkboard Chalkboard font, art, and decorating ideas
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Valentine’s Day Chalkboard

I'm delighted to share my Valentine's Day Chalkboard with you today! Consider this part of the "Home Tour," that I did, if you will... but it will change from season to season. The other day when I shared my latest chalkboard design on Instagram, and my Facebook page, I had a lot of feedback saying that you wanted to know more! So here we are: Valentine's Day Chalkboard Design It all began when I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on this chalkboard from Restoration Hardware. The day it was delivered, I begged a good friend to come over and help me hang...

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Classroom Valentines Day Ideas, for books instead of candy
DIY & Crafts, Holiday, Valentine's Day

Classroom Valentines -“Booking it Over Here to Tell You…”

Classroom Valentines Idea: "Booking" it over here tell you..." is such a cute and easy idea to make for the classroom! So I'm learning that there are good and not-so-good points about my kids starting school (preschool, daycare, whatever it may be.) Not-so-good: Life is crazier making sure my kiddo is prepared for every new little activity that is taking place within the school. {Field trip, classroom party, etc.} Good: I get to get my "crafting," on, WAY more than I did in the past. Now that I actually have classroom parties and deadlines to meet, I make it a priority to get creative. My Silhouette FINALLY...

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Gift basket idea for men or women
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“Take it Easy,” Gift Basket Idea for Men or Women

Take it Easy Relaxation Gift Basket Idea for Men or Women: This simple gift idea is perfect for any man or woman for ANY occasion! Who wouldn't love a basket with an excuse to relax! My sister's birthday was in December, and she's one of those, "My birthday is around Christmas, so everyone forgets about it," kinda people. Do you know someone like this too? ;) This year, I'm pretty excited about her gift. Not only was it so EASY... not only is it a concoction of things for relaxing...not only is it gender neutral and perfect for those men &...

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Favorite Things party Ideas
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Favorite Things Party: How to Host & Gift Exchange Ideas

Favorite Things Party: How to Host & Gift Exchange Ideas. It was a party that turned out to be so much fun, that's it's now an annual tradition!  After planning my son's "Woodland Friends Birthday Party," I immediately started thinking about planning another, and the Favorite Things Party was born. ------> Stop right here if you need a free party planning checklist, and download it HERE! Then come back and check out how I host a Favorite Things shindig... I gotta say, that I went in to planning my first "Favorite Things Party," empty handed.  I googled… •"Favorite Things Party Ideas," •"How To...

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How I made money Christmas shopping this year! ===>
Christmas, Holiday

How I MADE Money Christmas Shopping!

How I Made Money Christmas Shopping: I thought it was a scam, or too good to be true. Until I found out how it worked and it makes sense!  If you follow me on Facebook, this may be "old news," to you... but some of you may be here for the first time, by finding me on Pinterest! Well if so... WELCOME... and you should totally head on over to my Facebook page where you can get updates and goodies like this one I'm about ready to tell you... ALL OF THE TIME!   I'm not going to "beat around the bush."...

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Merry ... Christmas Card! So adorable!
Christmas, Holiday, Review

I “Minted” to Tell you THIS…

Words cannot express how ecstatic I am to have found this. When planning my parties, I've always went to the same 'ole sources for party décor, but now... I've found another source. A good source. A FANTABULOUS source. Have you been to Yeah... I hadn't either, and now, it's totally on my "favorites," bar. Party Banners Art Christmas Cards  Invitations Stickers Party Favors omg... the list goes on... Every Christmas, we get an influx of Christmas cards in the mail, and I ADORE, looking at all of them... the photos, the sweet messages, the "love," behind each one. So when...

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Fourth of July, Holiday, Printables

Free Fourth of July Printable

I couldn't resist. I had to create another free printable (a FREE Fourth of July printable) for you all, so I could add to our collection. If you're just joining me, you may not know that I LOVE to have a printable in my house at all times. Whether it be for the season we are in here in Missouri, or if a holiday is right around the corner... I want to showcase it. Back in the day, I'd scour Pinterest for free printables. That was until I figured out how to do it on my own. This way... I get...

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Personalized Gold Glitter Stationary. YES PLEASE!
Father's Day, Holiday

Father’s Day Gift Idea AND 50 Free 4×6’s?

Father's Day is RIGHT around the corner you guys. I'm NEVER on top of my game, but for some reason... this year I am. I'm not sure if it's because I'm seeing "Father's Day Gifts," in the media a lot more this year to remind me over and over, or what it is. But hey, I'll take being prepared any day. My hubby is super hard to shop for. He says he's not, but he his. Why? Because he's the type that if he wants something, he'll go on and go get it, rather than thinking, "Hey... my wife and kids...

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DIY Framed Easter Egg Craft for Kids
DIY & Crafts, Easter, Holiday

DIY Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Hey all! I want to share this fantabulous DIY Easter Egg Craft for Kids today, in case you need a quick and easy activity to wrangle those little ones up for some craft time fun! I printed the Easter egg off of Itsy Bitsy Fun, and my two year old "colored" the egg as best he could. ;) My good friend Brandy came over, and had the great idea to cut the egg out, put a piece of scrap paper in my "season" frame that I always put some sort of printable in, and quickly made it my framed "Easter," art. PLUS... it's my...

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St. Patricks Day Free Printable
Holiday, Printables, St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable

So you know by now that I love "Free Printables," right? Well, St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Do you have your "green," ready? Even for the littlest of holiday's, I always try to at least have a little something around the house for a some festive décor. I have little bitty guys at home, and my oldest is just now starting to recognize what holiday's are. So this year, I wanted to have something up for St. Patrick's Day, and instead of going out and buying a ton of décor, I thought I'd just create a printable...

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Surprise 30th Birthday
Birthday, Holiday, Real Life, Travel

Surprise 30th Birthday for my Husband

Surprise 30th Birthday Ideas for Him: A trip full of little surprises, and secret missions for my husband's 30th birthday! A celebration we will NEVER forget! If you're looking for gift ideas for your husband's 30th birthday, you'll want to see THIS post! Or, if you're thinking of planning a surprise trip along with other fun secret surprises, keep reading below! You may find it hard to believe that I kept all of this a secret for a year. Click Here for Gift Ideas for Him Surprise 30th Birthday Trip for Him We LOVE to travel. Even though we recently visited Avon Colorado, we have...

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Healthy Valentine's Day Idea
Holiday, Valentine's Day

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treat Idea

Healthy Valentine's Day Treat Idea: A quick and easy DIY to create for a classroom party. This is perfect for those that require store-bought & packaged only snacks! Eeeeeeek!  One night while vegging on the couch with my hubby, my sister sent me a text showing me the cutest thing that she did for her son's Valentine's treats this year! I immediately asked if I could share this idea with you, because it was too cute to keep to myself. Thankfully, she agreed, so here I am! If you're looking for a QUICK and HEALTHY Valentine's Day treat, here you go! Healthy...

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Christmas, Decorating, Holiday, House + Home

Our Holiday Home Tour

Ahhhh Christmas time! I'll be honest... I'm not a Grinch, but in years past when Christmas time would roll around, I'd get my fill of seeing Christmas decorations up at everyone else's home. I had no desire to decorate, only because I would stare at it for a month and think about how I had to take it all down in 30 days. Anyone with me? Well, this year it was a little different. We moved in to a new home, and my husband was asked by a friend if we would participate in a local charity benefit that involved opening...

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Christmas, Decorating, Holiday, House + Home

Fireplace Christmas Mantel Decorations

If you saw my 2013 Christmas Home tour, you may have already seen my fireplace mantel Christmas decorations. They are by FAR my most favorite thing to put up when Christmas time comes around. I had always admired everyone's mantels, and couldn't wait to have one of my own to decorate one day for Christmas. Why Christmas time, rather than all year long? Totally because I get to hang stockings on the mantel! In case Pinterest brought you here, and you want to see the details of my fireplace mantel Christmas decorations, let me explain the goods: Far left picture frame: IKEA...

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Holiday, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the Kiddos

I rarely post on here about my other blog that I own, but for no particular reason! I just have so much to share all of the time I guess, that I can keep the two separate. Well today, I'm sharing some Sweet Pea Party love. Sweet Pea Party Designs is where I get to share party and entertaining tips, and party ideas, while I talk about everything else here on Fantabulosity! While doing party research for my Sweet Pea site the other day, I found and fell in DEEP love with a Thanksgiving Play Date party that popped...

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Halloween cupcakes, cookies n cream cupcakes,
Halloween, Holiday

Halloween Cupcakes – Cookies N Cream

I had a sweet tooth the other day, and I wanted to make something since my hubby was coming home from being out of town for a week for work. I like to show him my appreciation when he gets home by baking some treats, to let him know that we love and missed him while he was working so hard. (Don't let me fool you. I'm a mom of two young boys, so I don't ALWAYS make this happen.) Halloween Cupcakes - Cookies N Cream I'm a fan of making cupcakes, and I was in the cupcake mood... so that's what...

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Toddler Halloween Craft, Ghost Halloween Craft for Kids
Halloween, Holiday

Toddler Halloween Craft… BOO!

My toddler has an attention span of about 2 seconds. So when "craft time," is next on our "to-do" list for the day, I always know it has to be quick, easy, and QUICK! {Yes, I know I said "quick," twice}. I also want it to contain materials that I have on-hand, because let's face it... I'm not packing two kids in the car to run to the craft store for a toddler craft that will last only a few minutes. With Halloween just a couple of days away, a Halloween craft was a MUST! So the brainstorming began, (and the...

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Pumpkin Painting Fun For Kids, Fall Activity For Kids, Finger Painting Pumpkins
Halloween, Holiday

Pumpkin Painting Fun For Kids

This morning I was trying to think of something fun for my toddler to do, to "shift," from the normal, "Play with trains after nap," routine. I wanted to do something "Fall" related, and I thought finger painting a pumpkin should be it! I mean seriously, I'm 30, and I want to do some pumpkin painting. Who wouldn't? Pumpkin Painting Fun For Kids Washable Paints for Sure! If you're looking for a quick and EASY Fall, toddler activity, look no more! All you have to do is throw an old sheet down, put some WASHABLE (Trust me... use washable) finger paint on paper plates, and...

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Grandparent's Day Craft for Kids

Grandparent’s Day Kid’s Craft

Grandparent's Day: Grandparent's can play such an important role in kid's lives and a fun little kid's craft is a great way to say thank you, and I love you! Grandparent's Day Kid's Craft I was so excited that my little guy was finally big enough this year to make something for his grandparent's for Grandparent's Day. Ok ok... so I helped a little, but he was able to do WAY more than he was last year. Doing a little craft like this as a gift, means WAY more than running to the store to buy something. Besides, it's something that can...

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