Home Tour Part 10 - The Office & Craft Room
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Home Tour Part 10 – The Office and Craft Room

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Welcome to Part 10 of our home tour, The Office and Craft Room! {AKA, “My Hiding Place”}  If you’re just joining me, feel free to go back to Part 1 of the home tour and catch up! For the rest of you: Let’s roll on… Welcome to my office! Come on in… I’ll let you look around a while, and then I’ll break down the bits and pieces and let you know where I got everything!

My Office & Craft Room

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

{Why can’t they make “white” printers? Or heck, maybe they do, and I just don’t know it. Boy that black printer really sticks out like sore thumb huh? Oh well, it’s mandatory to print out the “free printables,” that I create for you all!}  😉Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Alrighty! So below I show you the favorite part about my craft table. I’m sure you all have seen this idea floating around on Pinterest? You take two bookshelves and get a table top and lay across the top. {Not as easy as it sounds, folks.}  You’ll want to make sure you measurements “measure,” up. Try to get the table top width, the same width as your bookshelves, so you don’t have major over or under lapping. I purchased my bookshelves off of Walmart.com, and the Linnmon Table Top, from IKEA. {That’s my oldest little guys artwork on the bottom shelf.}  😉

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I fell in LOVE with this gold mirror when it was on CLEARANCE, yes CLEARANCE, at Home Goods!

Home Tour Part 10 - The Office & Craft Room

With perfect timing, I had decided on a color scheme for my office, at the same time the “Oh Joy,” line came out at Target! Her products matched EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I couldn’t have been more happy. So what’s my color scheme you may ask? Coral, turquoise and gold. I’m OBSESSED with this color pattern.

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I took a risk on this next purchase. I bought this chair on Amazon, WITHOUT SITTING IN IT! I’m rebellious I tell ya. Good news… it’s comfy! {and cute}.

{UPDATE}  I’ve had a few ask me deets on the chair because they are wanting one too. I checked on Amazon and I can’t find it anymore, BUT GOOD NEWS… I found one similar, and it’s cheaper than what I paid for mine! I’m totally jealous:  Similar Office Chair

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

The pillow came from Home Goods {my FAVE-O-RITE place to buy pillows}!

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Moving over to the desk… it looks bare without my laptop, but it’s black and it didn’t match for the photo-shoot. 😉  I bought my desk from IKEA a couple of years ago, and it’s called the “MICKE” desk. I LOVE IT. It’s the perfect size, and it’s well made I believe! It’s been through 5 moves by golly. 🙂

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

As you all know, the Target dollar bin sucks me in every time. Well… excuse me, but when I find cute little pails that match my office décor, I’m not passin’ ’em up. The frame was on clearance at Target, and that’s my gorgeous hubby holding our second bundle of joy the day he was born. ♥

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

The turquoise and gold mirror was also on clearance at Target! Woot woot! I love my chevron… the pen/pencil holder came from the dollar isle!

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I LUUUUV my big chevron clip! I found this at Home Goods, and hope I never have paperwork pile up so high that I’ll need to actually use it. I prefer to just look at it. 🙂

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I keep all of my photo goodies in this corner. You can see my tripod, but my backdrops & reflectors are hiding. 🙂

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Ahhhh! More of the “Oh Joy,” line at Target! I love this reusable bag. Although I really didn’t have a need for a reusable bag in my office, I had to have it in there. It just went so perfectly with the color scheme. 🙂

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

So I picked up my corkboard at a yard sale this past summer. Yep! I’m a yard sale gal. I just don’t go often because when I have 2 babies that like to get out of the stroller and play with every single toy that they see, it really takes away from my browsing time. 🙂 My “J” plaque came from Hobby Lobby. Sadly enough, my babysitter saw it when she was shopping there one day and sent me a text, because she knew I’d love it. Needless to say, I went shopping at Hobby Lobby that day through texting, all while sitting in my office chair. THAT my friends, is the way to do it. 😉

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Here’s my “Command Center,” I like to call it. I’m able to hang/write just about anything up here! I’m all for being green and saving the planet, but by golly I still like to see and have paper. You just don’t see any up because I wanted it to be nice & clean for the photo.

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Hee hee… my little couch was also part of the Hobby Lobby shopping trip from my office chair. The babysitter knew I’d love this too. And YUM… do you buy Bath and Body Works candles? Holy moly… they smell good. I think they’re my all time favorite candle. See my little guy to the left? I have a row of photos above my craft table. I ADORE staring at my precious babies while I work. See more of the photos below:

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Oh yes… see the 2nd photo from the right? That’s me and my stud muffin of a husband. We were 14 in this photo, and we had been dating about 2 weeks. ♥

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Home Goods came to my rescue again! I found this mirror there, in the beginning stages of office planning. I had no idea what colors I was using, so I figured “white,” would be a good start. It worked!

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Ooooohhhh the closet. How I luuuuuv the closet. I needed a place where I could store my craft supplies, office supplies, and my kiddos crafty things. {Because I’m not about to put finger paint, play dough and glue in their playroom where they can reach it.}  There’s a mix of IKEA, Target, and The Container Store, in this little organized piece of Heaven. PU-LEESE tell me that you’ve been or shopped online at The Container Store? No? Do it… like now… you’ll die with giddiness of how organized you can be: The Container Store

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I will say that I haven’t had time to put labels on everything like I want to, and eventually will. In all seriousness… my office was clean, and I figured I’d better snap some photos before a little person came in and wrecked it. So… I’ll take photos on another day when I get everything labeled, and show you all how I did it. The wire basket?  Came from The Container Store. Here’s the link to buy it: Metal Basket icon This is the “ALEX” drawer unit from IKEA. I keep construction paper, notebooks, folders, etc. in this drawer system.

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

This Algot storage unit came from IKEA, and it holds my kiddos art & craft supplies. It’s easy for them to get in to, if I let them. 🙂  I found the coral “hat” box at where else, Home Goods.

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Storage boxes can be pretty right? At least The Container Store thinks so! I believe I work more efficiently if I’m surrounded by pretty things… so these pretty storage boxes were a must. Get them here: White Storage Boxes icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I try, I really TRY to be organized. So when I get mail in, and I don’t have time to file it away, I wanted a place where I could “drop” it in a safe place until I found time. This wire basket from The Container Store, is perfect for that. Buy it here: Wire Letter Basket icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

I found MORE pretty storage boxes at The Container Store! You can NEVER have too many. Buy them here: Storage Boxes icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

This is the same wire basket that I told you about above. I keep all my “mail” related items in this, so I can easily grab a stamp, envelope, etc. and be out the door if need be.

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

So I’m a crazy person. I’ll admit it. I have saved TONS of scrap paper over the years, in case I needed it. Now, my kids have an endless supply of paper for “art” time, and I keep it in the aqua magazine files that I picked up from Target, so it’s not just sitting out, looking all ugly-like. I can’t remember exactly where I got the gray box underneath. I WANT to say Home Goods… but I wouldn’t bet any money on that. It’s all a blur to me at this point!

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

The clear drawer units below are so fantabulously handy. Know what’s cool? The Container Store also has FREE downloadable labels that you can insert in them. Me… I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet, BUT I WILL! Buy the drawer units here: Clear Drawer Units icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

Oh my little chevron file. Another great find in the Target Dollar Isle. The gray storage box? The Container Store! See… I told you they were awesome. They even have TONS of colors to choose from. Get them here: Grey Boxes icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

See the box in the middle? That’s a letter box, and I keep labels in this. Get that {or choose from beautiful other colors} here: Letter Box The letter box on the bottom, is translucent, and I will put something in there eventually. More than likely something that I’ll want to kind of see what it is, since it’s almost “see-through.” Buy that here:T ranslucent Letter Box icon icon

Home Tour Part 10 The Office and Craft Room

That’s it! I’m so glad that you were able to stop by and see the office & craft room. It won’t always be this clean and organized, but at least I have proof that it once was! 😉 Stay tuned for the next room on the tour. What shall it be? Living area, guest bedroom, toddler boy bedroom, dining room? Hmm… probably the one that’s the cleanest when I get my camera back out. 😉

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41 thoughts on “Home Tour Part 10 – The Office and Craft Room

  1. Heather D says:

    Love your splashes of chevron! Also love that white mirror!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you!!! You know me a chevron! Lol! Thanks so much for coming by! XOXO!

  2. Rosie says:


    What color are your walls?


    1. Jessica says:

      Hi there! We used “Pavestone,” which is a Sherwin Williams brand of paint! I was also a fan of “pussywillow,” from Sherwin Williams too!

  3. Zan says:

    Oh, I hate looking at your place, men!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!!! With your hubby’s designer hands and your decorative talents – you guys make a wonderful team. I love how you have a place for your kids stuff. My place is tiny so everything gets thrown in one spot – no matter how I try to fix them. Love your place!

    1. Jessica says:

      You are just the sweetest ever! Thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m just excited I have home I can finally decorate, since we didn’t have this one up for sale as soon as we moved in! 🙂 Well I’m thinking I may need to create a blog post on how to organize and decorate in small spaces, since you mentioned it! Great blog post idea! 😉 Thanks so much for coming by! XOXO

      1. Zan says:

        No prob..Glad I could hint on a good blog post!

  4. Kelly O'Bryan says:

    Jess-I love all your detail in the room! Colors are perfect! The labeling and organization is great! I love it! Great job! Kelly

    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks Kelly! A picture of you and I, is actually on my picture ledge in my office! I just didn’t get it in one of the shots! 🙂 So I stare at you too, while I work! Haha! Thanks for the note…XOXO

  5. Charity Craig (@charitylcraig) says:

    Oh, you should totally do a DIY project covering that printer with washi tape! LOL I love your little hiding place and even more all your organizational container. Yep, I’m so glad to have connected too. 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    LOVE what you’ve done with the room! Can you tell me what to look for on amazon to find that chair?- a manufacturer name or something? Thanks!!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad that you love it! I just checked out Amazon, and I can’t find it on there anymore. BUT====> I did look around, and I found one very similar right here: Similar Office Chair
      Yippee! {And… it’s cheaper than what I paid for mine}Let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Happysuz says:

    Jessica, please post a photo of your office/craft room when you are working on a project or after the kiddos have been in there! It is so lovely, but I want to see it in reality! LOL! We just moved, so my office/craft room is all unpacked, but so disorganized! I have a white and aqua color scheme and never thought to add coral. Now I just might do that! Stoppy by from SITS. Happy SITS day!

    1. Jessica says:

      Hahahahahaha!!! Now this is true. In action, it’s not always pretty! If I took a picture right now, you’d see “Party throw-up,” because I’m still trying to clean up after our crawfish boil birthday party! LOL! Yes! You should think about adding coral. Coral is EVERYWHERE in the stores! Thank you coming by, and dropping a note! XOXO!

  8. Ana Lynn says:

    Oh I love how your home office turned out! Now I’ll have to go read other parts because I enjoy organizing and decorating and can’t wait to actually do that in my own house! Happy SITS day!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you sooo much! I’m so happy that you came by to check it out! I should be posting more rooms on the tour very soon, so I’d love to have you on my list so you’ll get new posts delivered right to your inbox! XOXO! Subscribe here!

  9. Nikki says:

    I love the container store too! We actually have one you can go to here in San Diego… It’s an organizer’s heaven 😉 Very cute office and craft room!!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh my gosh. I get total anxiety going in to an actual Container Store, store. It’s good anxiety though. My wallet is not NEAR big enough for everything that I want. But I feel like a professional blogger, just by walking through the doors. Bahahaha! Thanks so much for coming by!

  10. Sondra @ Savers4Life says:

    I love this post and will be following your blog. The table created from 2 bookshelves is my favorite. What a great use a space! Also, great to see another Missouri blogger.

    1. Jessica says:

      Yaaaaay! I love Missouri bloggers! I’m a little partial since I’m a Missouri gal. 😉 Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m so glad to have the connection with you! Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

  11. Raquel says:

    Hello from SITS! Love your office and craft area! Home Goods, Target and Container Store are some of my favorites! I am your newest follower on Twitter and Facebook!

    1. Jessica says:

      Awwwww! Thank you so much! Then I think we would be GREAT shopping partners! 🙂 Thanks so much for following and stopping by! XOXO

  12. Charlotte says:

    You have such a beautiful workspace (and my goodness, you are so organized!!) Thanks for this. I work from home and after looking at these photos, I am realizing that I need to SERIOUSLY give my work area a major facelift 🙂 Love your color selections, too! Hope you have a very happy SITS day… on my way to read more about you now!

    1. Jessica says:

      Aren’t you just the sweetest! Thank you! I’m so glad to give you some inspiration… but I’ll admit my office isn’t this tidy at the moment! It can quickly get overwhelmed! Haha! Thanks so much for stopping by and browsing a while! 🙂

  13. Yulunda says:

    Now, this is the prettiest and tidiest crafting room I have ever seen in my life! The colors are tranquil and peaceful.

    I am very organized, but, I simply cannot touch you.

    Rock on with yo’ bad self! Yes and Yes!

    Happy Blessed SITS Day!


    1. Jessica says:

      LOL LOL! You kill me. That’s hilarious. Thank you so much! It’s a mess at the moment, so don’t let me fool you. 😉 Thank you so much for coming by! I’d love to have you come back anytime! 🙂

  14. Hi Jessica, visiting you via the SITS girls. Love what you did, chevron is up my alley too! Wish you the best with your blog.

    1. Jessica says:

      Aw, thank you so much!!! I kind of wonder if I’ll ever get tired of chevron!? Lol… it’s the best!! Thanks so much for coming by too!!!

  15. Jean Lynd says:

    That looks awesome. You may have just inspired me. Happy SITS Day!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh good!!! I’m so glad to have inspired you! Go for it!!! But don’t think it’s not a mess already! Haha! Thanks for coming by!!!

  16. Akaleistar says:

    Beautiful color scheme!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you, and thank you for coming by!

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