Looking for easy appetizer recipes? You’re in the right place! Whether you need something to take to a party, family gathering, potluck, or if you’re just looking for something to snack on at home before dinner, are all of our favorite appetizer recipes are below! Our favorites are my guacamole, bruschetta and spicy ranch crackers!

Sweet or Salty Pumpkin Seed Recipe! Roasting Pumpkin Seeds can be a fun activity for the kids too! https://fantabulosity.com
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Sweet & Salty: Pumpkin Seed Recipe

I had never had any interest in roasting pumpkin seeds, until my youngest came along and literally eats anything & everything "crunchy." Combine it with a fun activity to do with the kiddos? Golden. Pumpkin Seed Recipe I adore this recipe, because you can make it salty or sweet; depending on the mood you're in! If it were just for me?? I'd probably put a little chili powder on them, to give them a little "kick." But if kiddos are partaking in the snacking, boiling them in sugar instead of salt, and topping with cinnamon and/or brown sugar, may be more up their...

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Honey Sriracha Chex Mix recipe https://fantabulosity.com
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Honey Sriracha Chex™ Mix

Do we have any Sriracha lovers out there? Oh I know we do... The fact that there are such things as Sriracha keychains... then I'd say odds are, we have some that must hang around here. The other day, General Mills surprised me with a huge bagful of goodies. At first, I thought it was just a bag full of their newest items. I was wrong. It was WAY more than that! It was stuffed full of all of the ingredients & a recipe card that I would need to make: Honey Sriracha Chex™ Mix  I mean, check out this massive gift they sent...

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Guacamole Wontons Recipe I had no idea these were so easy!
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Guacamole Wontons Recipe

Guacamole Wontons Recipe: Turning a favorite appetizer, crab rangoon's, in to a dynamite recipe with  a combination of guacamole, cream cheese and spices. I don't know if I've been hidden under a rock, or if Guacamole Wontons are a new thing to hit restaurants. But after having them one night at a local pub, I was determined to find a guacamole wontons recipe to fix for my family. But to my dismay... I couldn't find one online! So... it was time to get creative and come up with my own recipe, and YUM!!! (Can I say that about my own recipe?) Guacamole...

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