Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes in a white serving dish
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Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes

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Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes: In only 5 minutes, this flavorful side dish is ready to serve alongside your favorite steak, chicken, ham or protein of choice!

Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes in a white serving dish

Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes

One of our favorite side dish recipes to date, and an EASY one at that! With only a 5 minute cook time in the Instant Pot, fresh green beans and red potatoes combined with some of our favorite spices and condiments pack a punch that any potluck or family dinner would be lucky to have on the table!

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Green Beans and Potatoes

Having green beans and potatoes are a HUGE hit during the summer months when your garden or the produce stand is in full force.

However, don’t limit this side dish to just a few months out of the year. The grocery store should always have fresh green beans and red (or new) potatoes so you can whip this up.

Fresh Green Beans

Can you use canned green beans? I’m sure you can, but I wouldn’t go to the trouble of pressuring them in the Instant Pot.

You could simply pressure just the potatoes with the spices and butter/bacon grease and then cook/warm the canned green beans in the microwave or on the stovetop and combine afterward.

Red Potatoes

Can you use baking, Idaho, russet or new potatoes instead?

Sure. I don’t see why not. I’d just make sure to cut the potatoes into 1-inch cubes before pressuring.

Also, I only use about 4 large red potatoes when I make this dish, but you could add a couple more and have more of an even potato to green bean ratio if you like. I prefer to have more green beans than potatoes to encourage more greens in my family.

Chicken Green Beans and Potatoes

What I absolutely LOVE about this recipe is that you can easily add chicken and make it a rounded out dinner!

However, instead of cooking the chicken, green beans and potatoes all together in the instant pot, I prefer to cook my salt and pepper chicken bites and then add that in to the green beans and potatoes later!

Ham Green Beans and Potatoes

Looking for a way to use that leftover ham from Easter? Well if you’re not wanting to make the ham casserole recipe, then this is another perfect way to use it up!

If the ham is cooked, feel free to add that in to the Instant Pot with the green beans and potatoes to allow the ham flavor to soak in to the other ingredients!

How to Make Green Beans and Potatoes in the Instant Pot

For the full recipe ingredients and instructions, you’ll find the free printable recipe card at the bottom of this post. However, I’d love to walk you through the step-by-step process with images so you can grab more helpful tips along the way!

Chicken Broth

If you’ve had the chance to make my Kielbasa and Cabbage in the Instant Pot, then you know my new love for the chicken broth base I’ve been using lately in my recipes.

This recipe is NO different and I use this powder/water combination to create the chicken broth that adds a lovely flavor to my recipes.

However, using homemade chicken broth, store-bought broth in a container/can is just fine too!

You’ll want to use 2 cups of chicken broth and pour it in to the bottom of the Instant Pot pot.

Instant chicken broth in a measuring cup for green beans

Potatoes Cut in to 1-Inch Cubes

Wash and cut your potatoes in to 1-inch cubes. Place the potatoes in to the Instant Pot, in to the chicken broth.

Chopped red potatoes for the instant pot pressure cooker
Red potatoes in Instant Pot

Fresh Green Beans

If your green beans are not washed, go ahead and wash them before cooking.

If using garden-fresh green beans, I do take the time to pinch off the ends before washing/cooking. However, if I’m using green beans from the store, the ends are usually off and I can just throw them in as is.

Long raw, uncooked green beans

Place the green beans on top of the potatoes inside of the Instant Pot.

Green beans in instant pot with broth

Butter and Bacon Grease – Optional

Although completely optional, if you’re not avoiding ingredients like butter and/or bacon grease… I HIGHLY recommend adding it for some “umph” and extra flavor.

Because who doesn’t love butter and bacon?

I use about 4 tablespoons of salted butter and place the 4 pieces on top of the green beans.

Frozen Bacon Grease

When making bacon for breakfast, I like to save the grease and freeze it in a freezer-safe container for recipes like these! It comes in VERY handy for that bacon flavor when you may not have the bacon.

Or, feel free to cook bacon and add the cooked bacon to the green beans and potatoes before cooking! TIP: If adding bacon to this recipe, place the cooked bacon on top of everything, so when it heats, the grease will drop down in to the beans and potatoes! Yumm-O!


Use salt and pepper as desired, just keep in mind that sometimes chicken broth, butter and bacon grease may already have salt added.

Also note that you can always add salt later, but you can’t take it away. So I’ll usually add salt and pepper and then taste afterward to see if it needs a little more.

Adding poultry seasoning is definitely something that you can do without in this recipe, but it adds such a nice touch of flavor. So if you do have it, sprinkle about a tsp on with the salt and pepper!

Cooked green beans and red potatoes in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


Ideally, you want to serve this dish right away after it finishes cooking. Reheating and letting it sit can result in soggy green beans.

However, if you’re heading to a potluck or family dinner, making this in the morning and keeping it on warm works just fine, and I’ve done this several times!


Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes in a white serving dish

Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes

Jessica Burgess
Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes are a healthy side dish that can easily be turned in to a main dish by adding chicken or ham if desired!
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
To pressure 5 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 12 servings


  • instant pot


  • 2 cups chicken broth
  • 4 large red potatoes
  • 36 oz. fresh green beans I use 3 12 oz. bags
  • 1 tsp poultry seasoning
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp bacon grease if desired: see notes in blog post
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste


  • Cut potatoes in to about 1-inch cubes
  • Pour chicken broth in to Instant Pot and then add in the potatoes
  • Next, pour all of the green beans on top of the potatoes.
  • Place butter, bacon grease and spice on top.
  • Secure the lid on to the Instant Pot and turn the nozzle to the sealed position.
  • On manula high pressure, turn the timer to 5 minutes.
  • When the timer is up, manually release the pressure.
  • Once the valve has fallen, it is safe to remove the lid.
  • GENTLY stir the green beans and potatoes to mix the seasonings evenly. (Gently mix being careful not to destroy the soft and fragile potatoes.)
  • Serve!
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Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes

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6 thoughts on “Instant Pot Green Beans and Potatoes

  1. Megan says:

    Looks yummy! I have a similar recipe for the crockpot (altho I’m sure it could be converted to an instapot recipe) that uses fresh red potatoes and green beans, chicken breasts, and Italian dressing. So easy and makes a full meal!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh heavens… that sounds AMAZING! I may have to try this. Thank you Megan!

  2. Gauri says:

    Would this work with frozen green beans as well?

    1. Jessica says:

      Hi there! I haven’t tried that yet. I’m sure it would… the times may just need adjusted a bit!

  3. Shirley Cooper says:

    5 stars
    I’m frying up a few strips of bacon to chop up and put in my green beans and baby potatoes cut in half then into fourths. Go by the rest of your recipe. Think it will be nice!!

    1. Jessica says:

      That sounds delish!! Thank you for sharing!!

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