Hospital Must haves checklist for the minimalist free printable
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Hospital Bag Must-Have’s Checklist for Mom and Baby

Hospital Bag Must-Have Checklist for Mom and Baby: A free printable to help make your life a little easier come "baby-time," so you can make sure to have the essentials! Post created in August 2013 - No longer pregnant and we have two beautiful little boys! Read more about us here! Pregnant Girl Speaking Here... I'm 4 weeks away from "popping," with my 2nd little bundle of joy. Eeeek... did I really just say that? Wow... I'm a little nervous. We have to...

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I love you because ideas
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50 + I Love You Because… Ideas and Thought Starters

"I love you because" ideas and thought starters for greeting cards, for kids or for a husband or wife to say at the right time! When creating the printables for the post "Open When Letters", I realized how difficult it can be sometimes to say what we truly feel when we really want to say it. Especially if you're a man or woman of a few words, trying to find the right thing to say can be difficult. But no one said you had to think of everything from scratch, right? There's absolutely nothing wrong with looking online to help you get...

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Lesson's I've learned as a mom
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Lessons I’ve Learned as a Mom

A while back, I reached out and asked if there were any specific blog posts that you'd like to see. When someone suggested: "Can you share some of the lessons you've learned as a mom?" I grabbed it and ran with it. As you know, I love to share any realness that I can with you all, in hopes that you see that life's not always perfect online, no matter what is perceived on social media. (In case you missed me sharing the raw details about my own life, you can read that HERE.) Lessons I've Learned as a Mom When it comes...

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School lunch ideas - pb&j
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Our School Lunch Routine: Packing Lunches

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine. Our school lunch routine is full of easy lunch ideas that are fun and that make fixing a school lunch a breeze and something my kiddo actually looks forward to! Our School Lunch Routine I will always remember the nostalgia feels of taking a Jif® Peanut Butter and Smucker’s® Strawberry Jam sandwich in my lunchbox as a kid. So, as a mom, as we parents tend to do... I love sharing parts of my childhood with my own kids, and...

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Cool Mom - Jessica and Boys
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“You’re a Cool Mom If…”

"You're a Cool Mom If" - From the Eyes of a 4 and 6 year old. "You're a Cool Mom If..." So I asked my boys, What makes me a "cool mom"? I mean, I've read a ton of articles about how it's important to be a parent, and not a friend... and I've even watched videos on how it's cool, to not be "cool". But have you ever participated in one of those Facebook questionaries where you ask your kids the list of random questions, just to see what they say? They're a ton of fun, and their answers can be a hoot! So...

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Avoid the Lunch Time Blues

This post has been sponsored by Mott's®, NABISCO, and Ziploc® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Avoid the Lunch Time Blues: Moms of school aged kids, let's keep things simple but fun for the kids by using handy containers and delicious snacks for lunch! Hey you mom of a school age kiddo! I totally get it. We start the school year thinking that we're going to have it all together and become the most amazing mom ever, by sending a lunch to school that makes all of the other kids envious. But mom, making lunch for your kids doesn’t have...

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I Took YouTube Away for a Week, and This is What Happened
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I Took YouTube Away from my Kids, and This is What Happened

I Took YouTube Away from my Kids for a Week, and This is What Happened. This isn't another post on limiting screen time, or I'm a Better Than You Post... In the event that this post gets shared on social media, I want to be completely up front with those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time. I write from passion, heart, and experience. I'm not a perfect mom. I'm not a perfect writer, and I'm sure as heck not a child psychologist. But I do speak from the heart, and adore sharing what I love...

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Summer On-the-Go Bag Essentials: Items that I keep in a bag by the door for spur of the moment summer outings!
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Summer Bag Essentials

This is a compensated endorsement written by me on behalf of Coppertone®. The opinions and text are all mine. Summer Bag Essentials To help streamline things in my daily life as a momma of two little boys, I designate a bag for summer which I leave in the mudroom area of my home, and keep it filled with items that I may need while out and about. Summer Bag Essentials: Coppertone...

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It’s the Little Things… and How They Grow

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott's®. All opinions are mine alone. It's the Little Things... and How They Grow: A fun and simple activity for mommas (and daddys) to do with their kids that can be cherished and remembered. Parenting. It can come with so many cherishable moments in life. Some that are "big," moments like vacations, the first day of school, and those first birthdays. But then there are the small, sometimes unexpected and unpredictable moments that are cherishable beyond measure. It's the Little Things... and How They Grow During story time with my boys the...

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Awww, how cute and easy are these! Easter Dessert Idea: "Bunny in the Hole" Donuts
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Easy Easter Dessert Idea: “Bunny in the Hole” Cake Donuts

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, MARS Incorporated. All opinions are mine alone. #SweeterEaster #CollectiveBias Easy Easter Dessert Idea: "Bunny in the Hole" Cake Donuts - Such a cute and creative recipe idea to make instead of the cupcakes and cookies! Spring is my Jam: When I was out and about doing my weekly grocery shopping at Walmart the other day, I couldn't help but head in to the seasonal isle and shop for colored candies and treats for Easter. The minute I see that isle decked out, I know Spring is coming, and I go completely...

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So fun, the kids can use snacks like Goldfish Crackers as daubers! Football game for kids: Football Bingo free printables! (6 different sheets to use!)
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Football Bingo for Kids – Free Printable

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameDayGoldfish #CollectiveBias Football Bingo for Kids - Free Printable for parties, watching the big game, or football loving kiddos! Print and keep them entertained, using snacks as the daubers. Oh my goodness. I had so much fun designing this Football Bingo for kids! When trying to think of something to keep the kiddos entertained while others watch the BIG GAME that's coming up, BINGO came to mind immediately. A fun and easy game kiddos always seem to love! I wanted to make them feel included...

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How my faith is necessary with social media
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I've hesitated sharing this old journal entry, due to all of the "room," for someone to bash me, put me down, and tell me what they think of me. But really, I share this, because when I shared it with a few of my closest friends, they responded with feedback of "I'm so thankful I'm not alone." That was the moment that I realized there may be others that would love to hear that they're not alone. Life can be hard, no matter what society classifies you as having. But no matter how "good," you have it, life can be...

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Toddler Snack Ideas - Healthy quick options
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Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Snack Ideas for Toddlers: Quick and easy snacks to kill the craving between meals for the kiddos, plus a free printable to keep handy for the store list!  In this crazy, busy house with two little boys, I'm always on the hunt for quick and easy snack ideas for toddlers. "Quick," because when they're hungry, they're HUNGRY! "Easy," because I save my creative recipes for entertaining. So to keep things quick and easy, I always make sure to have the staple items in our refrigerator and...

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Spring Cleaning with Toddlers
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Spring Cleaning With Toddlers

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers: How to make the dreaded cleaning day, an exciting event, for the whole family! If you have little ones at home, or have had little ones at home, then you've probably experienced "joy," when you saw them fold wash rags for the first time, or sweep the floor. (It doesn't last long, so hang on to those moments, right?)  But as a parent of toddlers, you've more than likely experienced trying to clean with toddlers. What's the quote about that??? Cleaning house...

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Baby Checklist: Travel Edition Free Printable Download
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Baby Travel Checklist – Free Printable: What to Pack for Babies

Baby Travel Checklist: This baby traveling checklist free printable can be your lifesaver! Free download, just print and check off! Traveling with a baby, can be super stressful at times. But honestly, that never kept us from planning a last minute trip with the baby, to get outta dodge. So if you're notorious for planning last-minute trips, or you're the "planner," type... my free baby travel checklist  can be a HUGE life saver for you. Baby Travel Checklist - Free Printable Download A couple of weeks ago, I shared my updated "Toddler Packing List." After updating that free printable, I knew the Baby...

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Toddler Packing Checklist Free Printable for when we travel!
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Free Toddler Travel Packing List

Free Toddler Packing List: This checklist has saved my sanity a TON! No frantic, last minute things to worry about forgetting. Our family loves to travel, and about 90% of the time, it's last minute. So I've learned to save my sanity, by always having my toddler travel packing list, for our toddler's items to pack his bags super quick. {This is a snapshot of me and my little guy, when we visited Gulf Shores Alabama, when he was just an itty bitty guy. I was also horribly sick with morning sickness, at 3 months along with baby #2, so excuse the pale skin color.... Toddler...

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Love these lunch ideas for toddlers! Toddler Lunch Ideas, toddler dinner ideas, toddler meal ideas, meal ideas for toddlers, toddler meals, healthy toddler recipes.
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Toddler Lunch Ideas

Toddler Lunch Ideas: A fun collection of foods that I have found that work well for my toddler. Healthy, quick, and FUN! I have had the PICKIEST eater in the world! Trust me, I could TOTALLY put him in a contest for pickiest eater, and win... hands down. His favorite diet consisted of pb&j's, grilled cheeses, green beans and carrots. Repeat. After a recent medical scare with him, it was time to change my sons eating habits. One day soon, I'll be sure to share with you the tactics I used to add variety to his favorite food choices. But for now... I'm...

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I'm a Mom, and I Forgot.
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I’m a Mom, and I Forgot.

“This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review.” Pardon me, while I get a little personal here. Perhaps it's because my counselor says it's best for me to "write," it out. (Which, by the way... making a monthly visit to a counselor or therapist does wonders for me, and I highly encourage it for anyone.) Or because I'll often read posts by others, sending encouraging thoughts to one another, and I'm hoping by sharing my story, it could help encourage someone else today. I'm a Mom,...

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On the Farm Free Printable Kids Activities Sheets
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On the Farm – Free Printable Kids Activity Sheets

Free "On the Farm" printable kids activity sheets: A great way to entertain and teach kiddos the basics of writing and learning with fun graphics! My kiddo LOVES working in his activity books. But if you're like me, and you're SUPER tired of spending an arm and a leg on those workbooks in the store, FREE printable kids activity sheets like these, can come in VERY handy. It's so easy. Just download, print, and let the kiddos get to work! On the Farm: Free Printable Kids Activity Sheets Here are 3 of the pages that are included in the SEVEN activity sheets!  They can...

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The SMART way to pack your Baby or Toddler for Vacation
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The Smart Way to Pack for Baby or Toddler

Ever since creating the baby & toddler packing list for you {ahem, years ago...}, I've wanted to fill you in on the SMARTEST way that I know how to pack my little guys. I'm certain that this one little life-changing tip, will CHANGE the way you pack for your baby or toddler. The SMART Way to Pack a Baby or Toddler: 1. Start by sorting the clothes that you plan to take with you. I do this by pulling articles of clothing out in categories. For instance: I start with onesies & shirts. I pull them out of the closet, and place them in a...

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Halloween Activities for Kids
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Halloween Activity for Kids: Candy Apple Decorating

If you're like me, I'm always looking for activities for my kids to do, especially around the holidays. Granted, you can make candy apples any time of the year, but there's just something special about whipping them up in the Fall. Get ready to get sticky... Halloween Activity for Kids: Candy Apple Decorating  Let's face it. Creating candy apples isn't rocket science. However, giving you the idea is what I'm here for. :) Items Needed: • Apples {we used small apples, for our little kiddos, but huge apples can be FUN} • Caramel candies • Baking Candies, Sprinkles, Candy • Water for melting caramel • Wooden skewers or lollipop sticks •...

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