santa letter printable
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Santa Letter Printable

Santa Letter Printable: A free download template that makes writing a letter to Santa Clause easy, cute and fun for kiddos during the holiday season! Santa Letter Printable Writing a letter to Santa is one of our FAVORITE holiday activities and is on our Christmas bucket list every year! So to add a little fun to the Christmas tradition, I LOVE having this letter template that we can print off, over and over every year for the kiddos to fill out.

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Christmas Bucket List
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Christmas Bucket List Printable and More Ideas!

Christmas Bucket List Printable: A fun way to come up with new ideas for the holiday season with this free printable! Christmas Bucket List Ideas I am such a sucker for Christmas and holiday traditions. The hot cocoa, decorations, Christmas music, and the list goes on. But I wasn't always this way... especially during the hard times that we went through but after going through so much trauma, the holiday season makes me giddy! So watch out... we're...

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debt payoff tracker printable
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Debt Payoff Tracker Printable

Debt Payoff Tracker Printable: A free download to help you grasp the big picture and breakdown of your current loans! Digital version also available! If you're like me, the words "finances", "loans" or "bills" can make you cringe. I mean, who loves getting a bill in the mail? Or even more... thinking about what is owed on something? But that's part of life and we have to face it, right? Right. So we might as well make it as easy on...

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Brain Dump Template Worksheet
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What is a Brain Dump? Plus a Free Template Worksheet!

Brain Dump: How a brain dump works and a free template worksheet to help gather those loose thoughts and how to take action. Brain Dump Whether it's in my blogging business or in my personal life, creating a brain dump can SAVE me. It saves my sanity and helps out so much with organizing and launching new projects. What is a Brain Dump? Well if you're like me and can relate to the saying, If...

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Thanksgiving Meal Planner Printable Download and Template
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Thanksgiving Meal Planner Template

Thanksgiving Meal Planner Template: This free printable download organizer will help keep your holiday meal planning organized! About three years ago, (I'm writing this in 2019) I had a friend reach out and say, a planner for cooking holiday meals. Ingredients, order of cooking, something to organize 3 days of cooking. When/how/where. So you don't go "oh crap I needed one more pie crust, and whoops I forgot to cook the hashbrown casserole." It needs to be computer based so...

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Christmas Gift List Printable
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Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List Printable: Keep gift buying organized with a free printable tracker template that has fill-in-the-blank bullet points to manage gifting! Christmas Gift List Hi there! Pen and paper kinda gal here. Don't get me wrong, I love a good spreadsheet and digital organizer like Trello (actually, I couldn't survive without Trello) but there is something about writing things out with a fun pen and cute sheet of paper or a printable. So if you're like...

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Hospital Must haves checklist for the minimalist free printable
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Hospital Bag Must-Have’s Checklist for Mom and Baby

Hospital Bag Must-Have Checklist for Mom and Baby: A free printable to help make your life a little easier come "baby-time," so you can make sure to have the essentials! Post created in August 2013 - No longer pregnant and we have two beautiful little boys! Read more about us here! Pregnant Girl Speaking Here... I'm 4 weeks away from "popping," with my 2nd little bundle of joy. Eeeek... did I really just say that? Wow... I'm a little nervous. We have to...

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Blank Calendar Printable - Free Download
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Blank Calendar – FREE Vertical Monthly Calendar Printable

Blank Calendar - FREE Monthly Calendar Printable: A vertical calendar download that's super chic and perfect for those who love a minimalistic way to keep dates on track! Often, I see printable calendars available online, but they either lack something that I'm looking for or aren't the right orientation and size that I need. So what's a girl to do? Or at least this girl? I make my own. What else do I do? Make it available for you too! Vertical Monthly Calendar Printable

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Daily Planner Printable - Free Download
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Daily Planner – Free Printable

Daily Planner - This cute and free printable day planner sheet is the BEST for staying organized during the day. Why? Because YOU helped create it!  Daily Planner - Free Printable Have you ever searched for a cute, practical, organizing daily planner, only to come up short handed? Yeah, me too. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have found planners that work for me, but I still feel like I'm wasting space and I'm still crossing things out to make it more of "my own" to help me stay on track for the day. I still felt like something was missing from...

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Open when letters - ideas and free printable
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41 Open When Letter Ideas and FREE Printables

Open When Letters - Ideas for a boyfriend, best friend, husband... to know what to put in them and free printable cards to make it easy! Open When Letters So what are open when letters? Well, if you are in a long-distance relationship, have a dear friend or relative far away, or if you find yourself away from your sweetheart longer than you’d like, creating a gift that allows you to speak to them when you are away is more than words can describe. I especially...

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Texting a girlfriend for an afternoon pick me up in a slump
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Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Slump + Gratitude Worksheet

This post has been sponsored by Coffee-mate® Creamer. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Slump: Whether you're at home with the kids, or in the office and need an afternoon pick-me-up, here are a few tips to help you overcome that dreaded slump and a free gratitude worksheet download! Growing up, I always heard my mom and dad talk about "the slump" that they'd feel right in the middle of their afternoon. Then it wasn't long after I reached my early 30's, that I knew EXACTLY what they were talking about. I get sleepy, unmotivated,...

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Finding Your Tribe of gal pals and friends
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Finding Your Tribe of Gal Pals

Finding Your Tribe of Gal Pals: Sometimes it takes a tough time in life to discover your true friends, but who says you can't look for them ahead of time? Here are tips for how to explore and build those friendships! If you're a Fantabulous Insider, then you know that I share some of my deepest thoughts and real life-behind the scenes stories with you in those weekly love notes. In a recent email, I shared with you about how a few people in my life stepped forward during a really hard time, and how much that meant to me....

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So fun, the kids can use snacks like Goldfish Crackers as daubers! Football game for kids: Football Bingo free printables! (6 different sheets to use!)
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Football Bingo for Kids – Free Printable

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GameDayGoldfish #CollectiveBias Football Bingo for Kids - Free Printable for parties, watching the big game, or football loving kiddos! Print and keep them entertained, using snacks as the daubers. Oh my goodness. I had so much fun designing this Football Bingo for kids! When trying to think of something to keep the kiddos entertained while others watch the BIG GAME that's coming up, BINGO came to mind immediately. A fun and easy game kiddos always seem to love! I wanted to make them feel included...

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Last Minute Party Checklist
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Last Minute Party Checklist – Free Download

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MegaGame #CollectiveBias Last Minute Party Checklist - Free Download: For those moments where a party is held at your house with little or no notice! More times than I'd like to admit... I've found myself running around ragged, trying to make the house look presentable when we've decided to have people over at the last minute. It may be a sporting event on tv, or just a random evening when we have the social bug and decide to cook and invite people over. There have...

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What I use to stay organized. Tips and tricks
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7 Organization Ideas & Tips: What I Use to Stay Organized

7 Organization Ideas and Tips: What I Use to Stay Organized and implement in to my personal and business life to manage stress, finances, and overall sanity! 7 Organization Ideas & Tips I am totally guilty of using the new year, as an excuse to start fresh. Perhaps it's the OCD tendencies that I have in some areas of life, but I'm a sucker for it. Usually about a week before the new year, I start gathering all of my printables, folders, binders, (cute pens too) and start planning my organization strategies come January 1st. Although there are multiple programs, and resources that I...

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Month in Advance, at a Glance! Free printable to keep track of what's ahead next month. LOVE this.
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Month in Advance, at a Glance — Free Printable

Month in Advance, at a glance — Free Printable: An organized way to see what's in store for you next month, so nothing will sneak up on you! I'm not sure why, but for some reason, when a new month arrives, I feel like someone slapped me upside the head with a "surprise" of activities, events, and bills that are due. I know they're coming, but it always seems like it's so far off, because it's "next month." I've found a way to help keep my sanity, and I couldn't WAIT to share how with you. So if you've found yourself with...

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Mexico Packing List free printable! Perfect for cancun, riviera maya, outifts planning, and what to bring!
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Packing List for Mexico: Free Printable

Packing list for Mexico: Perfect for cancun and riviera maya vacations: outfits planning, and what all to bring!  Mexico is my happy place. It's a vacation destination that is my first choice, and a place that I dream of being on not-so-good days. Over the last few years, I'd say I've visited Mexico for an all-inclusive vacation about 10 times. It really NEVER gets old, and I'm never wanting to leave. What to pack for Mexico? I've visited so often, that I tend to have readers ask me for advice when it comes to a Mexico vacation. So being able to help any way...

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Simple Taco Bar Party Ideas
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Simple Taco Bar Ideas for any Party

Simple Taco Bar Party Ideas: A great and easy way to feed your guests for any event! With different toppings available, guests can make theirs exactly how they want it! Put together these simple taco bar party ideas for Cinco de Mayo, fiesta or any gathering. Hi! My name is Bethany from Southern Couture and I'm so glad to be here on Fantabulosity today! It is my pleasure to throw this fiesta for you!  I can’t believe Cinco de Mayo is almost here already. I love celebrating this day because Mexico tends...

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Baby Checklist: Travel Edition Free Printable Download
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Baby Travel Checklist – Free Printable: What to Pack for Babies

Baby Travel Checklist: This baby traveling checklist free printable can be your lifesaver! Free download, just print and check off! Traveling with a baby, can be super stressful at times. But honestly, that never kept us from planning a last minute trip with the baby, to get outta dodge. So if you're notorious for planning last-minute trips, or you're the "planner," type... my free baby travel checklist  can be a HUGE life saver for you. Baby Travel Checklist - Free Printable Download A couple of weeks ago, I shared my updated "Toddler Packing List." After updating that free printable, I knew the Baby...

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Late Night Wishes Baby Advice Cards for Baby Shower Free Download Printable Boy, Girl
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Free Printable Baby Shower Advice & Best Wishes Cards

Free Printable Baby Shower Advice Cards: "Late Night Wishes..." for the Mom to be! Free download printable for a new mom, or a multiple-time mom! I recently helped cohost a baby shower for a dear friend who was expecting her second little bundle of joy. With the mindset of keeping it laid back and casual, we decided to keep everything low key, and do a little something that would be meaningful... rather than play baby shower games. Free Printable Baby Shower Advice Cards Instead of Games The idea of each guest writing a little note to the mommy, came to mind. So......

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Toddler Packing Checklist Free Printable for when we travel!
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Free Toddler Travel Packing List

Free Toddler Packing List: This checklist has saved my sanity a TON! No frantic, last minute things to worry about forgetting. Our family loves to travel, and about 90% of the time, it's last minute. So I've learned to save my sanity, by always having my toddler travel packing list, for our toddler's items to pack his bags super quick. {This is a snapshot of me and my little guy, when we visited Gulf Shores Alabama, when he was just an itty bitty guy. I was also horribly sick with morning sickness, at 3 months along with baby #2, so excuse the pale skin color.... Toddler...

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